In The Nursery

Why Is Deadheading Your Flowers Important?

Deadheading should be a regular garden task to maintain beautiful blooms, but why? What is the purpose of deadheading, how does it affect flowering plants, and how can you do it more effectively to make the most of every bloom? About Deadheading Deadheading is simply the process of removing faded,…

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Our Favorite Edible Flowers

Flowers are more than just the beautiful beds, colorful borders, or attractive containers that make up your garden and landscape. Edible flowers can also be surprising and delicious accents to a wide variety of tasty dishes. But which flowers are safe to eat, and how can you add blooms to…

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Best Fruits for the Urban Garden

With the right plant picks, you can grow a bountiful feast of fruit in your urban garden. From your favorite fruit trees to succulent vines to bushes bursting with berry goodness, your urban garden can beĀ  highly productive, supplying delicious fruit for your nourishment and enjoyment. What Fruits Need Fruit-bearing…

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